Best Tips for Content Marketing that can Boost your Traffic

Developing a powerful content marketing effort for your occasion is an essential step on the way to securing a sellout. An occasion campaign is a living, breathing entity, and it’s as unpredictable as it is exciting. Schedule changes are frequent from the lead up and can impact content preparation and output. Creating powerful content to accompany your event will set the tone from the start. You can convey information that will trigger excitement in those who already have their tickets and a sense of curiosity in these possible ticket buyers.

Tips for Content Marketing

Tips for Content Marketing

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Tips for Content Marketing

It’s therefore vital to have a strategy in place. These top tips will assist in ensuring you remain on track to reach your campaign goals and see ROI out of your event’s marketing efforts.



By having put personas for your event, you can be more targeted and deliver customized content straight to them. If that is not your first event of its type, use data gathered from previous occasions that will assist you identify the sort of attendee who’ll be fascinated.

Based on the platform you use for ticket sales, you can get varying amounts of information. On Facebook, by way of instance, there are three important audiences to consider stored crowds, custom audiences, and look alike audiences. The targeting options available on the platform permit an unbelievable level of reach and permit organiser to use re-targeting to be able to secure more ticket sales.

To find out more about mastering Facebook advertisements, download our manual.

2) Communication

This applies to your own marketing efforts and communicating about your event, generally. Specific to your marketing efforts, set up weekly calls with your broader event marketing team as the event draws closer, and make sure that an escalation program is firmly in place. Keep discussions flowing throughout, making certain the proper individuals have the perfect information it empowers everyone to do their job correctly.

Additionally, make certain you have an powerful communication strategy set up to relay information to attendees. What brand voice do you wish to use? Do you wish to be informative and formal or more casual? This will probably depend on the sort of event. Do you need to speak frequently or in soundbites?

3) The plan

It’s important to understand from the start what it is you need to achieve and how you’re going to do this. The strategy is the record you will return to time and time again during the pre-event prep and the implementation. In this document, you must identify your objectives, your audience and the stations available to reach them. When these are set, examine the specifics.

What’s the paid media budget? What are the essential pillars? Who are the correct influencers to share your occasion content with their networks? How are you distributing articles, post-event? Be certain all steps are covered in one over-arching documents and that all staff members have access.


4) Live in the event

Where possible, collect information, stories and tendencies in the event and use them to create content following the event. Network with attendees to actually capture the essence of the occasion what are they enjoying the most? What stories will they wish to re-visit after?

If your budget can stretch, consider with an editor on the floor at the function. This individual can pre-plan to make certain they are there for specific areas of the occasion. This might be an important seminar in a conference or a certain act in a music festival and can talk to relevant people to find quality quotes.

5) Content

Topical, industry-leading and engaging content is the greatest success story for any occasion’s content marketing campaign. Have a choice of articles formats as part of your strategy. A assortment of blog articles, ebooks, infographics and movie will ensure a fantastic mixture of copy-heavy and visual pieces.

Do not forget that the aim of your content will be dependent on the phase of your campaign. The content leading up to the event will engage and inform, content generated during the event will upgrade a wider audience who might not be present in the event (but are after online), and carefully curated post-event content will highlight the best pieces and increase the impact and longevity of your marketing investment later.

6) Social Networking plan

Social content is fast paced, so you want a social calendar which can be corrected in real time plus a thorough escalation and approvals process. It’s worth planning just as much of your social backup as possible before the event so that you can easily post in real time. Once a fantastic frame is set up, this can be tweaked according to how the event goes. Social activity before the event will help create a feeling of excitement and anticipation so be sure that the language lures attendees.

A strategy should also be set up to take care of social activity when things do not go according to plan. Safeguarding your event from negative feedback is vital to your standing and will impact future occasions you run. Our guide to handling a social networking backlash summarizes the key actions you can take to cover your social platforms if a catastrophe hit.

Keep it concise, engage with your audience in a tone which they relate to and onto a stage in which you know they hang out. By making a narrative around your event you make your audience want to become a part of it. With a good strategy document to refer back to during and a powerful social networking plan you’re on track to a sell-out.